The number of Brazilians who apply for Italian citizenship only increases. Almost 265,000 applications for recognition of dual citizenship in Italian offices in Brazil. Sign that many are seeking the advantages of having Italian citizenship. They are several, as you see below.

  • Be a European citizen

One of the main advantages of having Italian citizenship is to enjoy the benefits of being a European citizen, which is the continent with the best quality of life in the world. Having Italian citizenship expands the possibilities of going and living in any of the 28 countries of the European Union and others in the Schengen area, including Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. All with less bureaucracy nor the need for a specific visa or limits of permanence.

It is worth noting that rights involve all aspects. Live, study in public institutions, use the health system and work, have medical care (not always free, but usually affordable and quality). Not to mention social benefits such as unemployment benefit and retirement in Italy, provided that the Italian citizen has a registered job, obey the length of service and pay their contributions on time, among other rules.

  • Travel the world more easily

Free movement is among the greatest advantages of having Italian citizenship. The Italian passport is among the best in the world: who has it, can travel more than 150 countries without a visa. It makes all the difference to be able to pass the line of Europeans at airports and customs posts. This is because it does not require questionnaires and interviews to enter countries, in a faster and stress-free process.

A Brazilian without Italian citizenship, for example, would need to prove the date of return to Brazil, place of lodging, means of living during the stay and a safe trip to the Schengen Treaty, with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros.

Traveling to the United States is another major advantage of having Italian citizenship. Italy is part of the approximately 35 countries of the US government visa waiver program, ie it is free of this requirement. Italians also have free entry as tourists in Canada and Japan.

Another advantage is having the entire support network of Italian embassies and consulates in various parts of the world.

  • Study

We could not fail to cite this, among the advantages of having Italian citizenship. Easy access to educational institutions in Europe and Italy is very interesting. This includes undergraduate and postgraduate courses – and many are offered in English even. Tuition fees in Italy cost as much as three times less for Italian citizens, who may also apply for scholarships from various bodies, competing on equal terms with Europeans. Find out here how to go to college in Italy.

  • Live

A foreigner living in Italy or other European countries faces many, many bureaucracies and steps to achieve their goal. One of the advantages of having Italian citizenship is being able to reside in any European country and Italy, which is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. Impossible not to be enchanted by its rich cuisine, history, unique culture and natural attractions. Just imagine this dream. It is one of the advantages of having Italian citizenship.

  • Work in Italy and Europe

Among the advantages of having Italian citizenship is the guarantee that you can have a legal job without so much bureaucracy. Certainly a European company will prefer a candidate whose hiring is simpler and with up-to-date documentation. Many companies even prefer people with dual citizenship to express a more cosmopolitan and diversity view, currently valued in the market. Who has fluency in the Italian language can even try a public tender in the country.

In this article, we bring you several tips on how to work in Italy.

  • To be able to pass on Italian citizenship to descendants

Oh, and your Italian citizenship could be passed on to your descendants, if any. In this way, it is possible to extend to children all the advantages of having Italian citizenship and the benefits we commented above.

  • Open Fan

Even if you don’t feel like living outside, Italian citizenship is important. Our life is constantly changing and nothing better than being able to try life elsewhere. Being in a country knowing that at any time, if you want, you can move is very good. This gives us freedom to make different choices.