“It is the right of Italian citizens to prove their Italian descent through birth, marriage and death certificates. There is no generation limit, a great-grandson can recognize Italian citizenship. The process can be done in Brazil or faster in Italy. “

Feasibility analysis

The first step is to find out if you have the right to recognition of Italian citizenship.

The information contained in the documents that determine whether the process will be possible or not.

If so we proceed to step 2.

Preparation of documents

We seek certificates in Italy in parishes, archives and communes. This is the stage of technical verification, preparation of documents and gathering of certificates.

Process Completion

After assembling your folder and document set, we carry out the necessary apostilation, translations and corrections to meet all the requirements of Italian law.

We ship to Brazil, the registration books are signed and the Italian passport is requested!

Principais dúvidas

If you have an Italian-born parent you are eligible and you can apply for the process of taking Italian citizenship. There are rules that end up preventing some processes, so we perform a technical feasibility analysis.
It is necessary to gather documents from the Italian ancestor to the applicants. Birth certificates, Marriage certificates and Death certificates.
In Brazil, the processes of recognition of Italian citizenship take between 6 and 12 years. In Italy the process takes on average 90 days. We are an Italian based company, streamline your Italian recognition process with us.